flipping the script on social media

Hearts Over Hashtags

Promoting Christian Social Media Responsibility

What if we were more concerned about cheering one another on than promoting ourselves #NextBigIdea?

What if we cared enough about one another to actually do something tangible and helpful in times of crisis instead of just #prayingforyou?

What if we all loved each other with our actions (even when we disagree) instead of just our words #loveyourneighbor?

What if we all cared more about getting to know another person for who they are rather than trying to convince them their a sinner #Godseesyou?

What if all Christians truly reflected Christ instead of just being #teamJesus?

Will you join the movement? Will you care more about the hearts of others than yourself?

How You Live Matters

There are real people behind the screen!

Joining the Movement

I Commit to caring about what other people post more than gaining likes and followers for yourself.

Imagine a world where every person with influence (no matter how big or small) cared more about their followers than how many followers they have.

What if we commit to bringing something of value to our followers more than our followers buying into what we’re selling?

I Commit to the consistency of Jesus rather than being tossed in a sea of ever changing online trends.

Imagine a world where everyone online had the confidence in who God created them to be, just the way they are instead of having to constantly worry about if others viewed them as current or trendy.

What if the only comparison was to the standard that Jesus set rather than to the noise and hype?

I Commit to kindness, gentleness and self control instead of hateful debating.

Imagine a world where Christians cared about being the reflection of love, healing and inclusiveness that Jesus stood for more than they cared about being right, pointing out sin and judging others in online debates.

What if we showed up and participated with dignity, integrity, and victory, always allowing others to do the same? (Yes, I said it; show up as a DIVA!)

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